To inquire about having Chuck speak or lead a retreat, please email chuck@westernsem.edu


Men’s Retreat – Pillar Church  – Feb 1-3

Sojourn Church Louisville – Feb 21-23 (talks for local pastors, for the wider Sojourn church, ministry leaders, and finally Institute for Christian psychology members)

Lenten Lab – The Contemplative Mind for a Contemporary World – All Souls Church, Boulder CO – March 1-3

Pastor’s Retreat – NW Iowa – March 12-14

Soul Care Institute Retreat – NC – July 8-12

Knowing and Telling Your Story – Austin Seminary – Sept 22-25

Christ Memorial Church – Authenticity, Wholeness, and Skeletons in our Closet – Oct 13

Santa Cruz Bible Church Celebrate Recovery Retreat – Oct 18-20

Fuller Theological Seminary Doctor of Ministry Course – Nov 4-8

Memorial Presbyterian and Providencia Church Retreat – West Palm Beach – Nov. 15-17

Faith and Partisanship Event – Moderating a conversation with Kristin DuMez, Bryan Berghoef, and Brian McLaren – Holland MI – Nov 20

Wholeheartedness Talk – Mars Hill Bible Church – Nov 25


Surge Network (multiple engagements), Phoenix AZ – Jan 7-9

Midland Reformed Church Wholeheartedness Retreat – Jan 17-19

Soul Care Institute Retreat – St. Francis Springs, Stoneville, NC – Jan 20-23

Fuller Theological Seminary Doctor of Ministry Course – March 9-13

Hope Presbyterian Men’s Retreat – Montreat NC  – Apr 24-26


Soul Care Institute Retreat – The Hideaway CO – June 7-10, 2021

Soul Care Institute Retreat – St. Francis Springs, Stoneville, NC – July 12-15, 2021


LINKS to Chuck on Audio and Video

A Video Introduction to Wholeheartedness

A Video Introduction to Toughest People to Love

Speaking at Wheaton College

Speaking at Dordt College

Speaking at LeTorneau University

Preaching at Mars Hill Bible Church

Preaching at Mars Hill Bible Church

Surge Network Leadership Training (Video) – “Union with God and Vocation” – Talk 1Talk 2

Calvin Seminary Conference – (mp3) –  Missional Spirituality”

Reformed Communion Conference – (Video) “Hospitality for the Toughest People to Love”

Eerdmans Bookstore (video)  Introduction to Toughest People to Love

City Church San Francisco (audio w video presentation) The Prologue: God’s Story, Your Story

A Transfiguration Sunday message

A Link to Chuck’s Sermons

Chuck in Top Ten Sermons of 2013 and Top Ten Sermons of 2011 at Preaching Today

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  1. I read your article “Bill Hybels and the Future of the Church After #ChurchToo. I have read Phyllis Tickle’s book “The Great Emergence” twice in recent days trying to access where this generation stands in the whole scheme of God’s story with His people. My purpose in life is Acts 13:36 “…
    David served his own generation …” Serving My Generation.

    I am indebted to Tickle for her 500 year sequence of church history.

    I am a retired history professor, hence the interest in history … His Story.

    Where is the Church NOW?

    Who is the EMERGENT church?

    Mary Jackson Ph.D.

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