Maybe you’ve had this experience – the weekly spiritual direction, counseling, or pastoral care appointments are good, but aren’t enough. You sense that deeper work is needed. You’re just not sure where to go or what that looks like.

I’d like to discern with you whether or not a Soul Care Intensive is right for you. Soul Care is what I call the deep work of tending to our emotional and spiritual wounds, our fragmentation, even our trauma. You can read about it here. The goal – wholeheartedness. A place where, as the hymn says, every “wounded, weary, sick and sore” part of you can be tended to by a God whose kindness meets us in the most tender and broken places of our lives. I call my work soul care, in part because we create a 5-day experience together that engages the rhythms of challenging inner work, significant rest for your soul, and enjoyable, rejuvenating activities.

My unique approach is a process of creating a map of your soul. In doing so, we name the wounded and weary parts of you, we get to know the story of each, and we explore how God both wants to meet you in these places and transform you for the sake of wholeness. In marital work, we explore how your stories intersect, and how your stumbling around each other can be transformed into the dance of intimacy and connection that you long for.

Intensive work is a proven, transformational process. Focused, intentional engagement over five days can bring about significant change that months or even years of spiritual direction, pastoral care, or therapy doesn’t accomplish.

Because of my limited schedule, the best chance of seeing me for soul care is through an individual or marital intensive. I prioritize this work because I believe it is just that transformational.

What does an intensive look like?

It begins with your intention to take this time, set it apart, and commit to the rhythms of deep inner work, rest, reading, play, creativity, or whatever else your soul needs. Individuals/couples find a quiet place to stay for this time apart from home and normal rhythms.

We generally begin on a Sunday evening. Each day we meet for three hours, from Sunday evening to Thursday morning.

With each day, the work builds, but we find a good rhythm for you of rest and play along the way. On our last day, we collaborate on a plan for your further work and care, and I provide you with resources to engage beyond our work together. In some cases, I engage in periodic follow-up appointments.

To be considered for an intensive, email me confidentially at with:

  • a detailed, 1-2 page description of what you believe you need
  • a brief summary of past (or present) care (therapy, spiritual direction, etc.) and its effectiveness.
  • desired outcome (what would flourishing look like for you…or for your marriage?)
  • 4-6 dates of weeks during the year that could work for your intensive (most intensives are Sunday evening – Thursday morning)

I ask for one-half of your payment to lock in your dates, and one-half when the intensive begins.

Where: I offer intensives virtually via Zoom or at my office in Holland MI, a destination small city with lovely hotels, Air B&B’s, and unique dining experiences, consistently ranked highly as a top beach town. It’s shopping district is the best small town experience in the region. Holland is just 40 minutes from the Gerald Ford International Airport. For Zoom intensives, I expect clients to spend the time in a location where they can best do the work and experience rest and refreshment.

Yellow Paradise - Grand Haven, MI - Vacation Rental

5 DAY INTENSIVE | $5,500


QUESTIONS? Email Chuck at with your inquiries.