Introduction to Contemplative Prayer

This course invites you into contemplative spirituality and practice in the Christian tradition. In the five videos, we explore the basics of contemplative prayer, the core theological value of “letting go,” the neuroscientific basis for it, the invitation to wholeheartedness, and the resource of contemplative prayer for our action in the world. Each video offers 30-40 minutes of teaching, along with practices to engage in-between sessions. The resources I offer come with dynamic links to books, videos, websites, and other important pathways for your further journey.


SEEN, KNOWN & LOVED: Exploring Shame, Story, and Renewed Desire

A course designed for pastors and ministry leaders, but hospitable to everyone, SEEN, KNOWN & LOVED is a four-video series that invites you to experience God’s curious and generous invitation in the three questions of Genesis 3.

Where are you?

Who told you?

What are you hungry for?

Made in and for relationship, we somehow lost the plot-line, settling for a story of hiddenness and shame. God doesn’t add to our shame, but invites us to go beneath the surface of our lives, exploring the burdens we carry, identifying the voices that define us, opening to deeper desire.

In each session, we’ll explore how God kindly and curiously invites us back into the dance of intimacy. We’ll identify our place in the story, we’ll learn how to explore particular narratives of our life, and we’ll end with an examination of our hearts as they too-often settle for smaller satisfactions but long for Love.