God is Always Home :: A Sermon Series

I had the great privilege of preaching a 3-part series in November 2018 called "God Is Always Home." It's my own unique riff on Luke 15. I channel Augustine's lovely line: God is more near to me than I am to myself. I hope it's an encouragement for you during this season. http://westminstergr.org/blog/entry/sermon-god-is-always-home http://westminstergr.org/blog/entry/sermon-god-is-always-home-part-2 http://westminstergr.org/blog/entry/sermon-god-is-always-home-part-3

Introducing My New Video Course

I'm excited to share with you my video course An Introduction to Contemplative Prayer. This five-video course is something I believe can be transformation for you, if you give yourself not just to understanding but to practice. These days, mindfulness, yoga, meditation and other embodied practices are all-the-rage. Popular authors like Daniel Siegel, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Daniel Goleman … Continue reading Introducing My New Video Course


*New Retreat! The Seven Paths to Transformation Based on new material for my next book, I explore seven unique paths or stages of growth and transformation toward union with Christ. Inspired by St. Teresa’s “seven dwellings” in her Interior Castle, I integrate the wisdom of Scripture, developmental psychology, spiral dynamics, and more to imagine the places … Continue reading RETREATS AND CONFERENCES OFFERED

BOOK RELEASE: Falling into Goodness – Lenten Reflections

Lent is nearly upon us! Ash Wednesday is Wednesday March 1. I've been working on a little side project - a Lenten devotional - complete with short Bible readings, reflections, and prayers. The Kindle version is available now, with the paperback releasing within days. I invite you to use this personally, with a friend, in a … Continue reading BOOK RELEASE: Falling into Goodness – Lenten Reflections

thoughts on how to have difficult conversations

My denomination is engaged in a difficult conversation. But aren’t we all, and more often than we think? We’re always dancing around possible difficult conversations – with bosses and pastors, tough-to-love family members, obnoxious small group members, pestering employees, unhelpful custom service reps, and more. As I prepare to facilitate a time to consider how … Continue reading thoughts on how to have difficult conversations

FOG by Adam Lorenz

This is a guest post by my friend and former student at Western Theological Seminary (www.westernsem.edu, @westernsem), Adam Lorenz. Here is how Adam describes himself: Adam Lorenz is a mut of the Church currently looking to find a home. If he had to paint himself into a corner you could label him as a Lutheran-Non-Denom-Baptist-Charismatic-Fundy-Progressive-Emergent-Reformed-Anglican. Social media … Continue reading FOG by Adam Lorenz