Introducing My New Video Course

I'm excited to share with you my video course An Introduction to Contemplative Prayer. This five-video course is something I believe can be transformation for you, if you give yourself not just to understanding but to practice. These days, mindfulness, yoga, meditation and other embodied practices are all-the-rage. Popular authors like Daniel Siegel, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Daniel Goleman … Continue reading Introducing My New Video Course


*New Retreat! The Seven Paths to Transformation Based on new material for my next book, I explore seven unique paths or stages of growth and transformation toward union with Christ. Inspired by St. Teresa’s “seven dwellings” in her Interior Castle, I integrate the wisdom of Scripture, developmental psychology, spiral dynamics, and more to imagine the places … Continue reading RETREATS AND CONFERENCES OFFERED

BOOK RELEASE: Falling into Goodness – Lenten Reflections

Lent is nearly upon us! Ash Wednesday is Wednesday March 1. I've been working on a little side project - a Lenten devotional - complete with short Bible readings, reflections, and prayers. The Kindle version is available now, with the paperback releasing within days. I invite you to use this personally, with a friend, in a … Continue reading BOOK RELEASE: Falling into Goodness – Lenten Reflections

thoughts on how to have difficult conversations

My denomination is engaged in a difficult conversation. But aren’t we all, and more often than we think? We’re always dancing around possible difficult conversations – with bosses and pastors, tough-to-love family members, obnoxious small group members, pestering employees, unhelpful custom service reps, and more. As I prepare to facilitate a time to consider how … Continue reading thoughts on how to have difficult conversations

FOG by Adam Lorenz

This is a guest post by my friend and former student at Western Theological Seminary (, @westernsem), Adam Lorenz. Here is how Adam describes himself: Adam Lorenz is a mut of the Church currently looking to find a home. If he had to paint himself into a corner you could label him as a Lutheran-Non-Denom-Baptist-Charismatic-Fundy-Progressive-Emergent-Reformed-Anglican. Social media … Continue reading FOG by Adam Lorenz


My friend and colleague Kristen Johnson has co-authored a wonderful new book entitled The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perserverance (with Bethany Hoang). The book has been endorsed by a broad array of great folks – Mark Labberton, Brenda Salter McNeill, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Dan Allender, and more. What I love, particularly as someone passionate about forming … Continue reading An Excerpt from THE JUSTICE CALLING

Entering the Fifth Mansion: Transformed for Union

Enter union. Don't just think about it. Don't just theologize about it. Experience it. If St. Teresa was living today, she might say this very thing. If she could scan the bookshelves and see the many books written on union with God, she might say, "Oh, how wonderful. But are you experiencing it?!" If you've been … Continue reading Entering the Fifth Mansion: Transformed for Union