Every day, it seems, there are new lines being drawn in the ecclesial sand.  New pillars of orthodoxy being erected.  New certainties formed and defended.

Every day, it seems, there is a new blog by a new prophet.  Another really good professor dismissed for coloring outside the lines.  Another progressive certain of her enlightenment.

Every day, it seems, there is an angry rant.  A volleying of theological grenades.  A confirmation of tribal beliefs not changed, only confirmed.

Every day, it seems, there is a new book.  And a quick rebuttal.  And pleads of, “We’ve read it right” on both sides.

Every day, it seems, students ask me, “What do you think?”  Pastors whisper in the shadows.  Prayers are sent for those really struggling, relegated to categories and tribal allegiances, and more often than not, to the shadows again.

Every day, it seems, I see a family torn by conflict.  I see digging in.  I see polarization growing.  I see curiosity and compassion diminishing.

And yet…


Every day, it seems, I hear a student preach about Jesus dead and raised.  I hear a “Thank you, Jesus” in the Community Kitchen.  I hear a colleague say, “I don’t agree, but I’m so grateful for his presence.”

Every day, it seems, I’m refreshed again by a word from Augustine, a musing from St. Theresa, a wise word from John Piper or Brian McLaren.

Every day, it seems, pastors sit with wounded souls.  Therapists care for the abused.  Theologians “eat this book,” tasting and seeing and proclaiming good tidings of great joy.

Every day, it seems, I see people who choose curiosity over contempt, reflection over reaction, Jesus over judgment.  I see friends who are convicted, yet choosing to listen rather than speak.  I see brave souls who believe in one holy, catholic and apostolic church.

Every day, it seems, lions sit with lambs, and serpent’s don’t destroy, and dreams are dreamed by widows and addicts and orphans.

Every day, it seems, a young seminarian finds her voice.  Gray-haired elders speak words of life.  And the people proclaim, “Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again.”

Every day, and yet.

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