I have to ask myself regularly, “Am I not THAT person, the person Jesus came to indict?”

After all, I am the religious professional.  I have the degrees.  I’ve been approved by the club.  And much of the time, I think that I have it figured out.

Are you that person?  Do you have it figured out, too?  If so, Holy Week is for you.  Will you follow Peter?  Or will you follow Mary?

Like Peter, I wonder this:  If I play my cards right, I might just have a chance to make a name for myself after Jesus is exposed as a fake.

Like Mary, I wonder this:  Can I imagine any place other than at the side of my beloved Jesus, no matter the cost?

If I’m truthful, I am both.  I will continue to delude myself into thinking I’m the chosen, the smartest, the holiest, the wisest.

God willing, this week will be full of holy humiliations, exposing my false self, revealing my insecurity, inviting me to an intimacy that God pursues apart from my petty attempts to manipulate it.

God willing, I might find myself empty handed at the end of this week, dependent and humbled.  And I suspect that is just where God wants me.  Empty of my false self.  Empty of my delusions of grandeur, influence, success.


One thought on “Delusional Christians | Lent 41

  1. OK, I do agree with what you are saying, totally. Here’s my thing. It feels a little unkind and judgmental to yourself. I know that sounds senseless, but I am finding that, the kinder I am to my true self about why the shadow exists, the more my true self knows that I will be kind when I fail, which is inevitable. So, yes, I hope that the week includes opportunities to see those constructs that are no longer useful, or perhaps, to render them useless, intentionally. I would hesitate to say that everyone operates like me – egads!:) But I do believe that in the tenderness that Jesus shows to our souls, again and again, it is that tenderness that draws the true self out of hiding, hoping, again, that it will be seen for the beauty that it is by those who have eyes to see. Great quote: “Often beauty is not perceived because it exists in the wilderness or because the right eye never comes.” Adalbert Stifter

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