A New Exodus | Lent 39

A thought on the eve of Palm Sunday and this week’s New Passover journey…

Brain Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat write, “This language of inheritance, forgiveness and rescue from one empire in order to be freed in another kingdom harks back to the exodus narrative. It was Israel who was rescued from the imperial captivity of Egypt. It was Israel who received the promised land as an inheritance. And it was to rebellious Israel that God revealed himself as a God of forgiveness (see Ex. 32:7-34:10). Now, says Paul, we experience an exodus liberation in Jesus. . . . In postmodern terms, this liberation is not in order to enslave us in yet another regime that would violently impose it ideology on us . . . the kingdom of the beloved Son is a kingdom won not through violence imposed on others but through violence imposed upon the Son.”

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