An excerpt from A Season for the Spirit, by Martin Smith

“Dwelling on this thought of letting go, and handing myself over to the Holy Spirit will bring me much closer to the experience of Jesus than the word discipline which so many of us have been trained to evoke at the beginning of Lent.

It should help us smile at our anxious attempts to bring our life under control, the belt tightening resolutions about giving up this or taking on that.

What we are called to give up in Lent is control itself. Deliberate efforts to impose discipline on our lives can often serve only to lead us further away from the freedom which Jesus attained through surrender to the Holy Spirit.

Lent is about the freedom which is gained only through exposure to the Truth.

And “What is truth?” Pilate’s question is partially answered by unpacking the Greek word aletheia which is translated as truth.

The word literally means “unhiddenness”.

Truth is not always a thing, it is also an event. Truth happens to us when the coverings of illusion are stripped away and what is real emerges into the open.

The Truth we are promised if we can live the demands of this season consists not in new furniture for the mind but in exposure to the reality of God’s presence in ourselves and the world.”

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