3 thoughts on “Finding Yourself | Losing Yourself | Lent 3

  1. Lent, then, is not a burden.  It doesn’t add pressure.  It actually unburdens us from the false self and all the baggage it carries – the relentless need to please, to perform, to succeed, to get attention, to figure it out, to be secure, to guarantee pleasure and satisfaction, to win a battle.  Lent, in the end, is not ultimately about going off of chocolate or beer or television.  It is about surrendering your false self, and claiming your deepest and truest self, which God calls ‘beloved.’
    SUCH TRUE WORDS, Chuck!  Why then do so many of us (and myself, so often) take the view of discipline and surrender as hard work that “must be done”(but I avoid doing it) rather than as a pathway to freedom? 

  2. This “false self” sounds like an attempt to describe the biblical “sin nature” which is described by
    Paul as dead and is also described as very much alive and at work and at war with us.

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