I was speaking at a retreat this weekend when I mentioned that Christians back in the first centuries of the church rescued newborn little girls from large piles of trash.

“Why did you have to say that?” someone said afterwards.

“Because it happened.”

“But that’s just sad,” she said, as we stood there in silence.

The early followers of Christ were bold.  But, for the most part it was not a boldness that felt like the “in-your-face” Christian zealotry of today.  It was simple.  Humble.

And the world took notice.

3 thoughts on “early christians were bold. and the world took notice.

  1. Christians are taking similar risks today, but I suspect most of us choose comfort over risk. I certainly do. City Hope San Francisco, SAGE, International Justice Mission, and more are standing for the oppressed, the alienated, the powerless, and the abused…

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