I found a quote by an obscure Rabbi Bunim about a year ago.  He wrote this:

Keep two pieces of paper in your pockets at all times. One that says ‘I am a speck of dust.’ The other ‘The world was created for me.’

It’s a paradox that keeps me grounded in reality.  Dignity and depravity.  I’m royalty in God’s eyes, but a royal screw-up.  I’ve been made to inherit the Kingdom, and (simultaneously) I’m building my own Kingdom.

And so, I live in this dual reality.  And you do too.  Growing older allows me to embrace more and more how deeply I’m loved as God’s unique image and beloved son.  And growing older allows a radical honesty – that though I’ve reached a major signpost along the road, I’ve got a long, long way to go.

3 thoughts on “40 at 40: I am both the apple of God’s eye, and a rotten apple

  1. Hi Chuck! Thanks for the 40 at 40 and congrats on 16 years of marriage (I coincidentally hit both of these milestones this year as well). I’m looking forward to reading more. Your comments here remind me of Pascal’s. “Greatness, wretchedness,” writes Pascal “The more enlightened we are the more greatness and vileness we discover in man.”

    Shalom to you!

  2. That is so true. The world was created for us, and yet we are but a speck of dust. I like that. It is an interesting paradox, insignificance and significance all at the same time. Thanks for that.

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